CodyCross Answers – Solve Every Crossword Group Puzzle

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CodyCross Answers - Solve Every Crossword Group Puzzle

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CodyCross Answers : Circus group 97 puzzle 4

Answer 1Item shipped in a box in the mail: package
Answer 2Remove deposits of chemicals on a cooking item: descale
Answer 3Twin to apollo: artemis
Answer 4Disney’s top park; cinderella’s castle: kingdom - Magic __
Answer 5Colors - Number of items in different sizes - Shapes: variety
Answer 6Holthuis __ shrimp have purple spots: cleaner
Answer 7Also a bright red-purple color: fuchsia - Type of plant
Answer 8Covered structure used to park cars under: carport
Answer 9Metathesiophobia is the fear of __: changes
Answer 10__ cove - Newfoundland. named after soil - Not hair: red head

Answer 11David killed him with a slingshot: goliath
Answer 12Communist icon who started out as doctor: guevara

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