CodyCross Answers – Solve Every Crossword Group Puzzle

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CodyCross Answers - Solve Every Crossword Group Puzzle

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CodyCross Answers : Seasons group 76 puzzle 3

Answer 1He painted spirit of the dead watching: gauguin
Answer 2Beware of greeks __ gifts: bearing
Answer 3Someone who brings something new into existence: creator
Answer 4Small dents on the cheeks when someone smiles: dimples
Answer 5Opiate that treats mild to moderate pain and cough: codeine
Answer 6Needlework done with a hook and yarn: crochet
Answer 7Us actress of “when harry met sally”: meg ryan
Answer 8Small house; lumpy white cheese: cottage
Answer 9Medieval term for desert dweller: saracen
Answer 10Christian birth sacrament involving water: baptism

Answer 11__ garden - Collection of plants: botanic
Answer 12Cross __ - Long distance skiing: country
Answer 13Spots of bother: hitches - Wrinkles

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