CodyCross Answers – Solve Every Crossword Group Puzzle

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CodyCross Answers - Solve Every Crossword Group Puzzle

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CodyCross Answers : Under the sea group 32 puzzle 1

Answer 1__ de goya painted witches’ sabbath: francisco
Answer 2A small bag worn with a strap around the waist: fanny pack
Answer 3Licensed dental professional; teeth cleaning: hygienist
Answer 4Plastic popular in pipes aka pvc: polyvinyl
Answer 5Sega’s final home console from the late 90’s: dreamcast
Answer 6Pirates of the __: the curse of the black pearl: caribbean
Answer 7Too eager to offer advice not asked for: officious
Answer 8Biking: triathlon - Distance event includes running - Swimming
Answer 9Mecca of american country music: nashville
Answer 10A well-known austrian dish: schnitzel - Wiener __

Answer 11A change to a constitution - Us has 27: amendment
Answer 12Bitter - Papillae that sense sweet - Salty: taste buds - Sour

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