Wizard’s Words – Answers to find all the words

The solutions for Wizard’s Words levels can be found here. We have the answers to find all the words you need so you can solve every level when you are stuck at the game.

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Scroll down to get the solution for each category and level. Just look for the category and level you need the words for and find them easily.

Wizard’s Words - Answers to find all the words

Wizard’s Words Answers : Level 1: Intro to spell magic

Level 1Home
Level 2Cold
Level 3Play
Level 4Race
Level 5Heart - Road
Level 6Girl - Snow
Level 7Game - Rose
Level 8Bird - Plane
Level 9Fun - Pay - Try
Level 10Dry - Kid - Seat

Level 11Aunt - Host

Solutions Wizard’s Words – Categories

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