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Solve your Wordscapes Daily Puzzle challenge with our help. Every day Wordscapes has a new daily puzzle for you. We have the answers for you to solve this. Get the solution for the challenge of today here!

Answer Wordscapes Daily puzzle

Answers January 18 2019Are – Awe – Ear – Era – Eve – Raw – War – Ewe – Wee – Ever – Wave – Wear – Were – Rave – Veer – Weave – Waver – Weaver
Answers January 17 2019Hut – Rut – Hurt – Rush – Rust – Shut – Thru – Thus – Tush – Trust – Truth – Strut – Thrust
Answers January 16 2019Trio – Fort – Rift – Riff – Riot – Iffy – Fifty – Fortify
Answers January 15 2019Mix – Sim – Sis – Sex – Six – Mess – Mixes – Sexism

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